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    Battery Fundraiser

Kiss bake sales goodbye

The government takes its role as nanny very seriously. As if that weren’t clear enough already, the U.S. Agriculture Department finalized new rules at the end of June that further interject the federal government into everyday living.

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A New Concept in Fundrasing

Have you ever thought that Fundraisers are stuck selling the same old cookies every year that only make you gain weight? Well here is a product that is not only functional, but necessary! We have made it our mission to introduce a useful battery to America’s Fundraisers.

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Batteries are a Perfect Choice

Just think about it how many batteries you use in your household? From remote controls to gaming devices to smoke detectors, the options are endless.

Quality Product

AC Delco batteries are some of the most popular on the market. They are dependable and provides long-lasting performance. Also, they have no mercury or cadmium.

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We will be here to support your program with great service, fast delivery and personal touch.

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